Curried Carrots & Apple Soup

Curried Carrots & Apple Soup


  • carrots LOTS chopped well
  • apples 3 big onessliced/cubed
  • onion - One Large one chopped
  • generous amounts of ginger, garlic
    (fresh is best, but dried, or even powdered is okay, if that’s what’s convenient for you),
    ground allspice, cinnamon and curry powder, pinches of cinnamon, pinch of ground cloves and a pinch of ground nutmeg
  • one cup of splenda
  • 1 whole stick of butter


  1. turn crock pot on high
  2. chop onion and place in cooker with a good tablespoon of the butter stick
  3. Chop up the apples, and carrots, and add them to the cooker
  4. cover with water, toss in the rest of that stick of butter, add all the spices
  5. cook until carrots and apples are soft
  6. add the coconut and evaporated milk
  7. blend with a hand blender until smooth
  8. Enjoy!


I confess, in the end I ended up adding a couple of cups of chia seed,
and letting it sit for a few hours to congeal and become a kind of pudding
(in both the british (dessert) and american sense (sweet gooey stuff)),
which boosted the protein content, and other nutrients.

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