An Unpopular Opinion

No. I Did not sign my name and I won't, and I don't jump on the bandwagon to thank “our heroes”, and I'll tell you why: I DO understand, respect, and value that young men and women are making immense sacrifices and risking their lives in the mid-east or elsewhere, but here's the catch: I don't believe for a minute that the struggles in which they are fighting have anything at all to do with “our freedom” here at home. They're risking their lives for the bottom line and continued profits of a very small handful of ridiculously wealthy individuals who are doing everything they can to stomp all over the freedoms of the working classes, so, in essence, they're working against our interests (as well as their own), however much they've been lied to and might truly and sincerely believe1), or want to believe that they're fighting for us, they aren't. The worst part is, the people who benefit most from their efforts and risk, are precisely the rich, corporate fascist assholes who have bought and owned our government for 30+ years and taken away benefits rightfully earned by those veterans and their families. destroyed our environment to everyone's detriment and put one of their own at the helm of our government after complaining for years that government is a waste of resources, the same govt. they use to send young people, wo selflessly risk their lives, to their unjustifiable deaths to preserve their own profits/interests.

as I know my own Dad did when he fought in Vietnam