Good News!

Today's MRI showed that the tumor is shrinking again,
and I'm being allowed to reduce (but not eliminate) the dosage of the steroids
that are messing me up from 8mg/day to 6mg/day.
I go back for another MRI on Dec. 28.

Today's exercise activities

I cycled c. 8 miles today, and walked about another 2 miles.
Good enough.
I finally got test strips again so I can test my blood sugar,
and it was in the normal range after that activity which is less than I would usually do (OCD?)
so I'm going to call that good for the day and neither run nor bother with the elliptical machine.
I will be walking c. 1 more mile for a meeting up the street this evening, though, and likely bring the dog out for a short walk before bed.