ADA Step Out Photo Op

Yesterday, between the ADA Step Out, walking to/from the down-town bus hub/New Haven Green, and an evening walk with my kid later in the day,
I walked about 7 or 8 miles all together. No other work outs (no cycling, ellipticizing, or running, etc.)

Tony at the ADA Step Out

Me at the ADA Step Out Against Diabetes.
10/03/2015 - Lighthouse Point Park, New Haven, CT

I believe some of the effects of the decadron/dexamethasone I'm on are fairly obvious in this photo (bloating/water-weight gain, etc., especially in my face;
the jacket is loose, and I'm not standing with good posture, so that's a bit deceptive; my belly hasn't grown that much, honestly, although,
jeans that were nice and comfortable last winter are tighter in the waist now. My weight has only changed by about 5 lbs.,
but it's been redistributed with notable loss of muscle mass in various areas).