The Bad News

I have a low-grade malignant (cancerous) glioma (also called an astrocytoma) the size of a golf ball in my right frontal lobe.

I have to do 6 to 8 weeeks of radiation therapy, and I don't even get spider powers out of the deal.

But the docs think we can beat this tumor thing, and maybe not even see further complications for 3 to 10 years.

I figure, I've been kicking diabetes' ass for 14 years now, cancer doesn't stand much of a chance, either.

So, you're stuck with me for a good while yet.

I'm going to be tired and cranky, and probably lose more of my pretty hair, but I'm going to win this race.

They've said I can run. Indoors on a treadmill. They don't want me having a seizure miles from the house, alone.
I'm going to be looking for some exerbike, eliptical, treadmill, or something to acquire without selling my child or a kidney.

Initial news re: seizures and discovery of brain tumor.

EDIT: I ordered one of these, Body Rider Eliptical Trainer thingies.

Updated GoFund.Me