xposting blog client for wordpress, livejournal, tumblr, statusnet, friendica, and more.




I pushed new code to Xpostulate on github and uploaded a new source tarball here with a few minor fixes.

  • added “clear” button to clear statusnet update field
  • corrected README, About and Help to reflect new site.
  • minor bug fixes in statusnet updating.

I pushed new code to Xpostulate on github on Sunday 2011.09.18 with the following changes:

  • removed iziblog, scribbld, inksome (spam SEO havens anyway)
  • removed twitter until I can get oauth working
  • added support for custom wordpress installations
  • added support for posting to friendika with bbcode insertions
  • changed identi.ca feature to support any status.net installation.
  • also, various pertinent alterations to gui, of course

New win/lin installers have not yet been released. If you just want a tarball with the new sources, here it is, or pull from Xpostulate github. I will be testing the code for a day or two before creating new installers, but they should be up before the week is out.

Also, BaldwinSoftware would like to welcome Charles Roth to the Xpostulate dev team.



Xpostulate requires: Xpostulate

  • Tcl8.5 (or later version)
  • Tk 8.5 (or later)
  • Tcllib (for base64, http, etc.)

Most gnu/linux distributions will have these available via your favorite package manager (apt, yum, pacman, portage, etc.), if not installed by default. Other folks should likely download and install tcl from one of the links below, and use teacup to install tcllib, or something. I don't know. I only use gnu/linux, so, good luck with that.

Get Tcl here:


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