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Be certain that Tcl 8.5 or newer and Tk8.5 or newer are installed, as well as Tcllib.

   aptitude install tcl tk tcllib
   yum install tcl tk tcllib

If you downloaded the source files:

  1. unzip the zip file,
  2. run the install.sh script as root (moves xpostul8.tcl to /usr/local/bin/xpost and makes ~/.xpost/ and places xpost.conf in there).
  3. run xpost from terminal, or create a desktop icon to /usr/local/bin/xpost
  4. (I believe this will work on Mac and *BSD, as well).

If you downloaded the installer:

  1. untar the file (tar -xvvfz Xpostulate_v.0.2_Linux-x86.install.tar.gz),
  2. run the installer (./Xpostulate-0.2-Linux-x86-Install), which will place Xpostulate in /home/you/Xpostulate/xpost.tcl
  3. personally, I prefer to run the install.sh with the source files, since it installs to your PATH.


  1. Install Tcl/Tk
  2. download, unzip, and run the Xpostulate WinSetup file.
  3. Need a program to unzip the file? Try 7zip (also Free/Open Source Software)


  1. Download the zip file for mac users
  2. unzip it wherever you like (/Users/you/xpost or ~Desktop/you or wherever).
  3. open the unzipped directory in terminal (or cd to that dir)
  4. type: ./xpost.tcl
  5. that should run it.
  6. not sure how, since I don't own a mac, but I believe you could make a desktop icon to link to the xpost.tcl file and run it from there.

Running Xpostulate

First and foremost, fill out the appropriate fields in the Preferences dialogue (Edit > Preferences, or simply F8).
Without this information, Xpostulate can't help you. Sorry.

Xpostulate preferences

You can save these preferences for future use, of course.

Blog posting

  1. Fill in the meta-data (mood, music, etc.), and write your entry.
  2. Fill in the “Post to: which journal?” field to indicate which journal (your username for your personal journal, community name for communities/asylums, etc.)
  3. Click the relevant menu item to post.
  4. pretty simple, really…


  1. Again, make sure you have entered the appropriate parameters in preferences (F8).
  2. Enter your update, click update.


  • Xpostulate is not a wysywig editor. To use italics or 'bold' letters, you will need to use html tags ( <b>bold</b>, <i>italics</i> ) for most blogs, and bbcode for friendika
  • Please, be aware that altering the font size within the editor ONLY alters the font size in the editor (for your viewing pleasure). The change in font size will NOT be reflected in your posted entry. To manipulate the font size in your entry, you will have to use html tags (i.e. <font size=18> or <h2> or what have you). In other words, this is NOT a wysiwig editor.
  • The 'View Journal' menu on the main interface will open your journal, the button on the post response will open the journal to which you just posted, whether yours, or a shared journal or community.
  • convert tags in the edit menu will convert < to &lt; and & to &amp for use in xmlrpc posts, OR back to simply < and & (tumblr uses flatposting, thus you want “<” unless you want to show code, whereas all others use xmlrpc, and the < and & must be converted for inclusion in the xmlrpc post.
  • posting to LJ, IJ, DW, and WP will AUTOMATICALLY convert the tags, but you can use “convert tags” in the “Edit” menu to change them back. This is useful if you post to LJ, for instance, and then remember that you want to post to Tumblr, and the tags need re-converted… clunky? perhaps…I'm working on it.
  • as such, I suggest that, when crossposting, you post to the services that are using flat posting first (i.e. Tumblr), THEN to those using xmlrpc (LJ, DW, IJ, WordPress…), just for simplicity's sake.
  • Wordpress posting is to the author's own blog on Wordpress.com. As of Sept. 18, 2001, you can use the custom WP feature to indicate a community blog, or a custom WP installation.
  • wordpress posting can only handle one category at the moment. I need to build an array building function in the wp posting proc…soon.
  • Tags won't post to WordPress, because, for some reason that is not available through the xmlrpc interface. Not my fault.
  • Tumblr posting is, currently, only to your own Tumblr blog. You must enter your Tumblr username so that Xpostulate can open your blog, but you must also enter the e-mail address you use on Tumblr for login purposes.
  • REMEMBER, Friendica likes BBCODE, not HTML! A bbcode ⇔ html translator is in the works, but at the moment, you will have to edit a post if crossposting between blogs that accept html, and friendica, which likes bbcode.


  • Leaving any required field blank in the posting interface will cause Xpostulate to fail in some instances! Type a space in a field if you wish to leave it blank (i.e., location, mood, etc.) Some services require certain fields, while others don't, of course. (i.e. “mood” is not relevant to wordpress or tumblr, but if you send a blank for that to LJ, you may get an error).
  • Post to: (which journal?) MUST be filled in for LJ, IJ, DJ, (all LJ/moveabletype clones). This may seem redundant, but, yes, you should enter your username to post to your personal journal. If you are posting to a community, of course, you would enter the name of said community. This is so Xpostulate knows where to post your entry. Since Xpostulate allows you to post to several blog sites, on which you may have access to various communities, using a pulldown, such as in logjam or other clients hasn't been practical.


Best way to request something is to post to either the Xpost DW community, Xpost LJ community, or Xpostulate support wiki, and, last but not least, contact tonybaldwin directly.
Want something not currently implemented? Want a pending feature faster? Want a custom build? Contact me about paying for your RFE! (I have rent to pay, too.)

tonybaldwin 2012.

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