A Friendika & StatusNet post composition client by Tony Baldwin

fren.tcl v0.2

Fren.Tcl is a program for writing and posting to Friendica, written in Tcl/Tk, by tonybaldwin.


This tar archive contains:

  • fren.tcl - the tcl script
  • frentcl.conf - the conf file
  • - an installation script
  • LICENSE.txt - obligatory copy of the Gnu Public License version 3
  • README.txt - a blathering waste of bytes, and
  • - a bash script that actually does everything the tcl script does, only without a gui.
    This script is essentially the same as friendicurl. For reasons that remain a mystery, I renamed it and included it in this download.



Fren.tcl requires:

  • tcl/tk 8.5 or later
  • http, tsl, and base64


Fren.tcl will post to your Friendica status, and, if you wish, cross-post to Facebook®, Twitter®, or any installation, and now also to livejournal, dreamwidth, insanejournal, posterous, tumblr and wordpress (or custom WP installation). There is also a small field on the bottom for posting directly to a statusnet installation (, etc.).

This should be obvious, but go to Edit > preferences and set your server url1), username, password, etc., for friendica and, or it won't do anything. Duh. For said preferences, the tcl script, fren.tcl, will upvar the ~/.frentcl.conf file to set variables, like your username:password and the server on which you are friendica-ing, your preferred browser, etc.

Also, I made the save_as process choose ~/Documents/fposts to save files, which is also where does that. If that directory doesn't exist, you'll have to make it, of course. And, feel free to alter that to save to some other dir, if you prefer. I should probably add to the preferences dialog to set this. The bash script asks for much of this preference info each time, but you could edit the script to include the relevant information, if you know what you're doing.

For those that need it: How to run a tcl script in Windows.


VERY IMPORTANT: As of 2012.03.07, there is an option to force use of SSL in friendica posting. If you check this button, you MUST have an https: url set, not http: (the difference being the “s” for SSL, meaning, Secure Socket Layer). Likewise, if the box is not checked to Force SSL, you can not use the https: url, but must use http: (without “s”).

If anybody wants to hack away on this, it is best to clone the github repo.

Find me on Friendica:



  • It might be a good idea to allow the user to configure the privacy settings per-post, but I'm not sure how to communicate with the remote server in that regard, yet. I will look into that.
  • Download, edit, and repost prior posts? Also, I require further knowledge before I could implement this.
  • incorporate the Friendika logo (see below) in the gui? This would be pretty trivial, really, like stick it in the menu bar, you know, just for looks.
  • Include support for tumblr and wordpress crossposting (of course, Xpostulate has that stuff, already).


Now, I have a similar product, Xpostulate, written, likewise, in tcl/tk, which will post to wordpress and livejournal and tumblr and other blog networks, separately, without posting first to friendica (but can also post to friendica).




tonybaldwin 2012.


see section on SSL